In this 8 week program you will ditch the BS beliefs, self-sabotaging tendencies, and negative patterns that have been holding you back from creating a Radical Shift in your life + Business. You will learn the most potent + effective rooted in tried, tested, and hiiiighly successful scientific methods so you can REcode your identity, skyrocket in sales and attract your ideal clients like wildfire so you can achieve MASSIVE success in your life and business! 

​Anyone can call themselves an entrepreneur but if you don't understand how to scale, brand, sell, create long lasting relationships, and solve your clients problems then you are just a wannabepreneur. 

It's time that you establish simple yet empowering habits and rituals to support you in maintaining your Commanding Power so you can experience Radial Sift in days, hours, or even minutes, instead of years. Quickly step into the identity of your TRUE authentic self and finally create the business success AND lifestyle you've been dreaming of-- Saying HECK YAH to the woman in the mirror


Month One:
LESSON ONE: Starting January 2nd you will rest your mindset:
By becoming aware of your old programing and rewiring the stories for your success. You will detangle these limitations and recode them to create a pathway for your freedom!

LESSON TWO: Release Limiting Beliefs + Revamp Your Identity: 
Is your negative self-talk running the show? Reclaim your one wild and precious life with the power of mindset. Rewrite the stories of your past, start to live the beautiful story of your present, and look forward to all that’s ahead within the story of your future.

LESSON THREE: Redesign Your Life + Outcomes: 
Identify your Potent Priority, top Outcome Goal, and the Process Goals you’ll need to establish in order to make them a DONE deal.

LESSON FOUR: Renewed Healing
Leave perfectionism and performance-based love at the door. No more hiding emotions or rejecting pieces of yourself. No more shame. It’s time to become whole.

Month Two:

LESSON FIVE: Rewrite Your Story
Your story needs to be shared. In this lesson you will develop your unique story and learn how to profit from it. You will craft your visibility and marketing plan that feels comfortable and converts to clients.

LESSON SIX: Rediscover Sales
In this Lesson you will remove any internal conflict that is keeping you from reaching your sales goal. You will craft a sales page that speaks directly to the hearts of your client and will make a genuine and authentic offer that they will scream YES to in a heartbeat.

LESSON SEVEN: Reignite Collaboration
In this lesson you will learn the power of networking and collaboration. You will the benefits of collaboration and why it’s an essential part of how businesses get work done today. You will also use collaboration to build impactful relationships and optimal growth.

LESSON EIGHT: Reintroduction to the world
It's time that you put everything you learned together and step towards your purpose with intention. You’ll launch forward from this program ready to be fully yourself and achieve your big dreams! In this lesson you will learn about automations so you can step away from the screen and make money while you sleep.

Radical SHIFT

Radical Shift is a 8 week program to recode your mindset so you can manifest abundance, love, and freedom in 60 days or less.