14 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband by Emi Valerio

14 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband

In this 14-Day Prayer Guide you will meditate and pray for your Future Husband and your Future marriage.

Each day you will:
  • Pray a  specific prayer over your future husband
  • Write your own prayer in the space provided  
  • Read and meditate over the specific bible verse

My greatest prayer for this Free 14-Day Prayer Guide is that you will find hope and healing in Jesus, the Restorer of Broken Walls, the Nourisher of our souls, our ultimate Source of satisfaction.

(Disclaimer: In no way will this e-book manifest your future spouse. If that is your goal, this e-book is not for you. If, however, you desire to lift your future spouse to the Lord so they may be molded into whom God desires them to be, then proceed boldly.)

What's included?

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